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Full Service Management

We offer full service leasing and management services all along the Wasatch Front. As a full service property management company our services include: rent collection, tenant screening, lease paperwork, tenant communication, advertising, maintenance, repairs, property inspections, evictions, judgements, accounting, and fast online on-demand financial reporting.  We are committed to managing your property the way YOU want it done.  We can customize our services to fit your needs.


We make it simple for tenants to pay rent with an online tenant portal.  Tenants can logon to the internet and make a one time rent payment or set recurring payments.  This helps collect rent faster and helps eliminate bounced checks.  Tenants, of coures, can also mail in their payments.  Once payments are received they are generally processed and disbursed to Owners within one business day.


Our tenant screening process is quick, thorough, and FREE to Owners.  We collect an application fee from the tenants that cover the cost of the screening process.  The process includes credit history, credit score, employment verification, rental history verification, background check, criminal records search, sex offender search, and eviction records search.  This helps us secure quality tenants with integrity and the ability to fulfill their lease.


Paperwork can be quite extensive for a rental property and we handle all of it for you!  With leases, lease addendums, lease option forms, pet addendums, utility paperwork, lead-based paint disclosures, move-in inspection forms, move-out inspection forms, and more it can be tough to manage it all.  So don't worry about it, let us keep it all up-to-date, compliant, and organized.  We have all the necessary documents in both hard copy and digital files, so we can easily mail or email you what you need.


We make it easy for tenants to reach us via phone, email, text, or in person.  We maintain good communication with each tenant so as to maintain good relationships.  This helps to encourage the tenants to take proper care of your property and also keeps us up to date on what is going on with the property so we can inform you of anything pertinent.


We handle all of the advertising and showings.  We advertise your rental properties with yard or window signs, our website and also on multiple online websites such as ksl, & craigslist.  We will also place rental ads in local newspapers if necessary.  While we handle the advertising, the Owner is responsible for any costs associated with advertising.  That is why we focus on so many free online advertising locations, to keep your costs down!


Our list of vendors is extensive and professional.  These vendors also give us preferred pricing and priority when we schedule a job with them.  This allows us to pass on additional savings to Owners and faster service times for tenants.  Repair and maintenance requests can even be made online from our website.  We take care of all the scheduling and payments.


A thorough inspection, complete with report and photos, is done before a tenant moves in, and after a tenant moves out.  This helps let us know who is responsible for any damages and keeps the property in good condition by keeping it in good repair.  Periodic inspections are done on request as well to provide additional protection to the property and piece of mind to Owners.


Preferably we prevent this process, but sometimes it is necessary.  We make it quick, simple, and relatively inexpensive.  Our eviction process generally takes 3-4 weeks from start to finish.  Most tenants will move out before they are locked out; saving even more time.  A judgement is filed against the tenant as well helping to collect past due amounts.


We use first-rate accounting software to track and report all income and expenses.  Owners receive monthly accounting statements.  This allows you to always know what is going on with your property.